The last piece of the puzzle for Belize

The last piece of gear I needed came today… a 10 wt. Sage Response loaner. I’ve put on the Lamson Lightspeed and a clear int. sink and I have in mind mangrove channels and baby tarpon. I close my eyes and see a 25 pound “baby” emerging from the leafy darkness, frantic casting, the fly landing close, the fish seeing it, charging, opening it’s dumptruck mouth and inhaling the fly, quickly turning away, and then the chaos. Holding the line tight to keep the fish from running into the mangroves and ruining all hope, the fish will leap, high and repeatedly, putting holes into the still water with every jump and crash. The fish will be subdued, maybe not the first, but I’m hoping the 4th or 5th shot might stick. I’m predicting some shrieks from the newly minted Mrs., and I’m expecting awe and if it comes together, I’ll have it, because it is that kind of experience, it inspires and commands awe.

That’s what I have in my mind. That’s what I want to not only experience, but share.




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  1. “4th or 5th shot might stick”, “shrieks from the newly minted Mrs.”, “expecting awe if it comes together” – well we hope so, IT IS YOUR HONEYMOON. Fishing in Belize will be exciting too! Congratulations on your Tarpon, opps I mean Nuptials!

  2. too much stick for that your 8 wt would be fine for 25lb poon even 40 lb poon think 75 and that 10 might be nice!

  3. Hmmm… it might be, but I like the idea of the 10 for that. I have a 9 along for cudas and a 7 for bones.

  4. I agree too much rod…go with a 8wt maybe 9 for those bone in the wind on the flats… best for aiming, and even a 3 ponder will feel like a monster!

  5. Wishing you and your soon to be wife the best trip ever! Great food, great fishing, great time. The 10 might be a bit on the heavy side for baby tarpon, but who knows, you could hook a monster!

  6. Well, a 10 might be heavy, but that 25 pounder might be 45 pounds and in the mangroves I can’t let the thing run, so, I’ll bring the 10. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a shot at something bigger too.

  7. Does it realy matter what rod you use , just go catch some fish !!!!

  8. Might I suggest two things that will maximize your chances.
    1). Gamakatsu SC15, size 2 through 2/0 (my personal favorite for juvie poon is the 2/0). The main reason is these hooks are uber sharp with a wide gap. I can’t recall the last time I lost a tarpn that was legitimately hook on a Gama SC15. ther hooks might work as well, but you best sharpen them. Owners are nice hooks but the heavier wire makes them more difficult to penetrate.
    2). Get your fly in front of the fish and keep it there for as long as you can. Watch the fish’s behavior towards your stripping pattern. Try to feed the fish. Tarpon are usually lazy bastards and love to just swim up and inhale the food. And strip strike. Is that three things? Consider it my wedding present.

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