Mar 10

More on Vallarta Turtles

Yeah, I know, it isn’t about bonefish.  Part of what I really enjoy about fishing is that it draws you deeper into the environment you are fishing.  You become more aware of what is there  and how it all interacts.  You also learn where the problems are.  The more you are out there, the more you see, both good and bad.


After being down in Vallarta, seeing a turtle come ashore and lay eggs, seeing the spoiled nests and the baby turtle tracks, I contacted a turtle conservation program, Sociedad Ecologica de Occidente.

This is what the biologist, Oscar, had to say:

This is the Olive Ridley turtle, the most common species of marine turtles in the entire world, and the less threatened. However, they´ve to face a lot of dangers, of course. Fortunately the olive ridley population is very stable and increasing every year…

Well… that’s good news indeed.  More on Olive Ridley Turtles.

That's hope for the future... baby turtle tracks.