Feb 13

Awesomeness at TRIW

The blog This River is Wild is simply awesome. This post is one reason why.

You’ll need to go there to see the awesomeness, but it involves swimming with Whale Sharks.

Whale Sharks are amazing, the largest fish in the ocean.

Did I mention that my girl loves sharks and has a stuffed Whale Shark on her bed?

Yeah... my girl is kind of awesome.

Yeah… my girl is kind of awesome.

Basically, I love sharks. If you love sharks, check out Project AWARE.

Aug 12

Game of Bones – triw style

I’ve been trying to come up with a good post around the title “Game of Bones” for a while. Love the Game of Thrones series and it just begged for a blog post. Alas, the This River is Wild blog beat me to it.

Great post, great pics and one hell of a title!

Bonefish are awesome. It is known.

The bonefish kept me going. I couldn’t believe the amount of chances I was getting but even more unbelievable was my batting percentage. I was getting schooled. With the high winds, there was a nice chop on the surface of the water that was disturbing sand and mud on the flat making visibility difficult, but I had a cloudless sky and the sun overhead. Often, I could see the bonefish but by the time I got into position for a cast, I couldn’t see them anymore. Taking your eye off a fish for a split second or even blinking resulted in missed opportunities. I left a lot of big bonefish on the table.



Aug 11

TRIW – Camp Life

I like the idea of the dirtbag trip.  I haven’t pulled it off totally.  I’ve stayed in some crappy places in Grand Bahama, but I haven’t really roughed it THAT much.  The guys over at TRIW take it all the way.  That’s why I love that their blog exists.

Jun 11

More from TRIW

Good stuff from a good blog.

Hours may pass without notice. When you see a fish, (somehow your brain indicates immediately that the shape and shadow that looks identical to the hundred other similarly shaped shadows around you is not a bottom feature, it is alive.) your body reacts.

via This River is Wild.: Turn on, tune in, hook up..



Jun 11

This River is Wild – Night Tarpon

The guys over at This River is Wild continue to have fun and interesting fishing… this post is not exception.


The wind was howling. As we approached the hole, we could see something weird floating in the water just off of the rocky shoreline. When we got within range, we realized it was the fronds of a palm tree. The whipping winds had snapped a 30ft palm tree off at the base, dumping it smack into the middle of the most reliable spot for tarpon the entire island!

via This River is Wild.: Repeat.



Apr 11

This River is Wild… Bonefish Movie

Go to the site… check this out.  Simply fantastic.

This River is Wild is a very, very fishy blog with a strong bonefish showing.

I know I usually give you more in these posts, but in this case, just go to the site and check it out… it stands on its own.


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Mar 11

This River is Wild… more bonefishy goodness

As I’m getting ready to head to Andros the This River is Wild blog has been spewing bonefishery as of late.  Basically… he had a really nice DIY trip somewhere in the Caribbean.  I don’t know where… maybe you do… if so, I’d keep it to myself (and then plan a trip there).

This was, easily, the best fishing I’ve ever experienced to date. In those two full days on the flats, I saw not another soul.

The This River is Wild bonefishology is broken down in three parts over the three days of his trip… Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Read them.  Read them all.


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Mar 11

This River is Wild: Last Chance.

Here’s a story from the “This River is Wild” blog, of which I’m a fan.  Don’t know how I missed this on the first go-around, but here it is on re-play.

Over a few beers late one night, my brother and I hatched a plan to hit up a local flat early the next morning. The goal was to catch a bonefish and exact revenge on the hundred or so fish that wanted nothing to do with every pattern I had, the last and only other time, I fished there. It would be my last chance to fish a flat for a bonefish on our annual summer sojourn.

via This River is Wild.: Last Chance..



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Dec 10

This River Is Wild.: 14 Months in the Making.

I like this blog… I like this story.  Check it out.

Lately, things have clicked for me, at least. I’ve had a few unforgettable days on the water when Zach couldn’t make it and I felt more than a little bad at rubbing in my good luck, knowing that he had yet to land a bone of his own. My success, I think, is more a case of being able to be in the right places at the right times than any major increase in skill. Although, I know my eyes are much more attuned at spotting fish than ever before.

via This River Is Wild.: 14 Months in the Making..