Game of Bones – triw style

I’ve been trying to come up with a good post around the title “Game of Bones” for a while. Love the Game of Thrones series and it just begged for a blog post. Alas, the This River is Wild blog beat me to it.

Great post, great pics and one hell of a title!

Bonefish are awesome. It is known.

The bonefish kept me going. I couldn’t believe the amount of chances I was getting but even more unbelievable was my batting percentage. I was getting schooled. With the high winds, there was a nice chop on the surface of the water that was disturbing sand and mud on the flat making visibility difficult, but I had a cloudless sky and the sun overhead. Often, I could see the bonefish but by the time I got into position for a cast, I couldn’t see them anymore. Taking your eye off a fish for a split second or even blinking resulted in missed opportunities. I left a lot of big bonefish on the table.



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  1. Lawrence Snyder

    That anectode about the last bonefish is classic about big bonefish. They are big and not easily scared and when they spot you, just turn sideways and glance over with “the look” as they slowly swim away saying “game over”.

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