Take a Puff… a Mini Puff

I’m trying to round off my fly selection for the upcoming Bahamas trip.  Gotchas are flies I have in spades… with bunny, with rubber legs, with calf tail… have some velcro crabs, have some bone crushers.  So… what else?  How about the Mini Puff… seems a popular pattern and, like a lot of bonefish flies, it doesn’t take a PhD. to tie.

Fly Angler Online has this version.  This seems to be one of those patterns that everyone does in their own style.  On some, the wing lays down flat, others have it angled upward, like this version at The Fly Shop.

I’ve read this fly described as a “good searching pattern” or a fly for fish with lock-jaw.  Another tool in the toolbox.

The Fly Shop version

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  1. Hello Bjorn,

    This the fly that I mentioned in my North Andros Report on Dan bLanton’s Board. While the Mars Bay Special was it’s inspiration, I made lots of modifications adding mono eyes and natural rabbit fur as that color matched the bottom.


    Whether back inthe creeks or on ocean flats, it outfished everything else I tried by a wide margin. You may want to try tying up a couple of them.


  2. Thanks Glenn, that’s a great looking fly! Still have a few days left before I leave… might tie up a few of those!

  3. Here’s a good one for you from my local fly shop – Use burned mono eyes –


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