My Toolbox for GBI

OK… I have all my rods/reels/lines.  I’m ready… now the weather just has to cooperate.

Rods... not "poles." Never "poles."

The 7 weight
Rod: TFO Axiom
Reel: Okuma Helios
Line: SA Bonefish Line

The 8 weight
Rod: TFO Clouser
Reel: TFO Large Arbor
Line: Teeny Bruce Chard Bonefish

The 8/9 weight
Rod: Albright GP
Reel: Ross CLA 5
Line: Teeny Flip Pallot Bonefish

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  1. Nice collection of outfits! Though they are on different weight outfits, I’d like to hear mre about how the different lines work on your trip. I’ve always used SA Bonefish but have been thinking about others like the Teenys. BTW, I love Helios 8-9 reels. Really a geat deal for the price IMO.

    Best of luck on your trip! Looking forward to readiing about it here or on Dan Blanton.


  2. Hey Glenn… I look forward to seeing how the different lines work myself! The only one I’ve really used is the SA line. I may put the CLA 5 with the Flip Pallot on the TFO Clouser rod… it seems made to shoot heavy lines and over-lining it may work well. We’ll see.

    That Helios is a great deal, I agree. Been a good reel for me.

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