The add-ons

I love bonefish. I think that is pretty clearly understood. I love fishing for them and being where they live and I’ve been fortunate enough to do some of it.

What has been a little surprising are all the other things I’ve come to love which come along with bonefishing. I’ve come to really love the sharks and rays and cuda. I’ve been surprised at how much I love fishing for tarpon, how much I love the humble jack.

I’ve come to love lobster and cracked conch and the Bahamian mac and cheese.

I love Kalik and Sands and Belekin, although probably more for the location than the taste.

What are the add-ons that you’ve come to love about bonefishing?

Just a cool environment.

Just a cool environment.



  1. Flying to the edge of the grid, the remoteness of the Out Island Bahamian flats.
    The guides and their families are so nice and people people!
    The comaraderie with friends.
    Sharks and cuda looming on the edge and into consciousness.

  2. Shorts and t-shirts vs baggy rubber pants and heavy boots
    Peaceful, quiet, no Winnebagos and droning camp generators
    Humane fishing hours because you need the sun to see
    Conch fritters, conch fritters, and conch fritters
    Awesome sunsets

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