Argonite Mining Doesn’t Add Up

In case you missed it.. there is a proposal floating around Grand Bahama (yes, THAT Grand Bahama) to allow some Argonite Mining… that’s ripping up of the sea floor. It is a really bad idea.

The locals seem to agree.

Shervin Tate, deputy chairman of the Sweeting’s Cay township, said the proposed project is slated to create a mere 60 jobs but will destroy more than 300 – some of them very lucrative – and devastate one of the country’s most beautiful and bountiful marine habitats.

“Once you start to dredge, the conch will disappear, the lobster will disappear, and then you will see a disaster in our community,” Tate said, explaining that silt from the mine will suffocate all marine life for miles around.

This is a really bad idea.

This does not seem like a good place for a mine.

This does not seem like a good place for a mine.

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