The bags are packed

Just counting down the hours until I head off to SFO for my redeye tonight.

In my mind I can feel the wind, hear it flapping my shirt, hear it whistle through the mangroves. I can see shapes, dark and uncertain, off in the distance. I can feel the focus creep up within me. The sense of recognition.

The fly in the hand drops to the water, the arm starts to move.

Can’t you feel it?

I’ll post up what I can while I’m out there.



  1. Currently 3lbs overweight. Working on options.

  2. Jonathan Winthrop

    Looking at 5 days of cloud cover, precip, wind in Eleuthera starting now. Bummer. Two days of guided booked long ago may be a wash out. Hope it’s better further south on LI for you and the gang.

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