Evoking Motive

I have another couple loaners along on the Long Island trip. I got my hands on the new Sage Evoke Reel and the new Sage Motive Rod. The rod is an 11 wt., just in case we manage to track down some tarpon in the cuts, as I hope we do. Could be a cuda rod as well.

The Evoke Reel is a break with the current fascination with lighter gear. It is built like a tank. I think I could drop this thing from 10,000 feet and keep fishing with it. Everything about this reel screams “SOLID!” Yes… in all caps.

The Evoke

The Evoke

When I got backing put on it the guy at the counter put it well. “Whoa.”

I’m really, really hoping this reel gets a work out on the trip.

The Rod is the Motive. It is a beautiful blue color, winning some style points right out of the case. I got to cast the 11 wt. at the Fly Fishing Show West in Pleasanton and found it very cannon-like. You need to pound a cast out there, this is certainly poundable.

The Sage Motive Saltwater Stick

The Sage Motive Saltwater Stick

So, two new Sage bits of fantasy equipment to ply Bahamian waters with. Should be fun.

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