The Future of the Keys

The Keys are kind of where it all started.  That is where modern flats fishing really got going, that is where the old characters we’ve all heard about chased silver for the first time.

Now, the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is spearheading the Florida Keys Initiative.  Here is what they aim to do:


  1. Determine potential causes for declines in bonefish population size, especially in the Upper Keys, and enact measures to correct the problems and restore the population
  2. Work with guides and anglers to identify and address the top threats to Florida Keys flats habitats and bonefish, tarpon, and permit fisheries
  3. Identify and protect key bonefish, tarpon, and permit habitats
  4. Assist  in the formulation of a fishery conservation plan for Florida Keys bonefish, tarpon, and permit fisheries, and their habitats

The keys remain a place I have yet to fish.  Part of me is a bit intimidated by it, part of me wants to make sure if I fly a few thousand miles I catch something. I’ll make it there, some day, and I’m glad organizations like BTT are making sure the Keys continue to inspire.


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  1. Go fish the keys with a good guide . It can be so good.

  2. Intimidated? Afeared of the prospect of paying big $ for the existentially sickening feeling that attends the end of a guided day when your offerings to the silver kings are soundly spurned? Buck up Innerweb friend! That’s been my story with Keys tarpon the last three trips, although at least this last time I had a few on for ahort time. If you go, I’d recommend spending at least one guided night with Capt. Jake Jordan. He has a system of using the curretn to drag the fly into spots near bridges that hold high numbers of open mouths. You will definitely hook up, possibly land one, and get a good feel for what tarpon are capable of once you’ve got them on the reel. Sure, it doesn’t match the challenge of oceanside daytime, and the incredible surge of brain drugs when you see a large tarpon take your fly, buts it’s got clear advantages. I’d suggest pairing up a night with Jake with as many days oceanside as you can afford.

    Vaya con Dios

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