The King of Little Fish – Metolius Fish

I fished the Metolius today… family vacation up to Camp Sherman in Central Oregon.

Now, the Metolius is known for a couple things… being really tough and really beautiful.

Today, I found the river to be as beautiful as ever, but not that tough… at least for tiny fish.  I found the small fish in the Metolius and I caught them… all of them.

That's a pretty river.

I caught a bunch of these... a bunch.

Dry dropper... and yes, I caught a couple on that massive stonefly dry.

This is what passed for a bigger fish today.

The Green Drakes were out… all 3 of them.  The hatch was far from epic.  Still, fish were caught on the dries.

My guess is the big fish are lower… the certainly weren’t in the bit of water I was fishing, or, if they were, they were not in the mood to play.  Fun day on the water though.


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