The Loot

I posted about the windfall of flies I lucked into… thought I’d share exactly what was included in this treasure trove of sharp, pointy goodness.


  • Red – 24
  • Yellow – 24
  • Blue – 3


  • Black – 84
  • Brown – 24
  • Red/White – 72


  • White/Yellow – 120
  • Chartreuse/Yellow – 50
  • Red/White – 72

Bonefish Critter

  • Green – 48
  • Tan/Black – 192


  • Chartreuse/White – 24


  • Green/White – 36
  • Black – 144
  • Blue/White – 48

Crazy Charlie

  • Silver – 24
  • White – 12
  • Pink – 12

And… for some reason… 12 steelhead flies, 10 white mayfly nymphs, 12 small white spinners and 3 deer hair frogs.

I really don’t know what I’m doing with all this just yet, but it is kind of fun to look into that big box and know that there are hundreds of fish that will be caught on those flies… even if I’m not the one that does all the catching.

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  1. The yellow and white clousers have you covered for the Aitutaki

  2. I thought of you when I saw them Butch… I know that is your go-to fly for those Aitutaki brutes. Hope your Christmas was good.

  3. Just got a surprise from the wife. Going to St Johns in end of March. Have fished Andros three different times. How is the bonefishing on St Johns? Will my Andros patterns work there?

  4. Hey John, as luck would have it I just did an interview with a guide in the USVI… check it out here…
    I’ve never fished there, but I’d think that Andros patters would work, although you may want to downsize… I’ve heard folks fishing 2’s and 1/0’s in Andros… I’d think more 6’s and 4’s… but that’s a guess.
    From talking to Arthur in USVI, I’d think the DIY might be tough, given the limited number of flats and I’d also think that baby tarpon might be a better choice of target species if you decide to head out with a guide (and that would be Arthur).
    Good luck!

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