The Most Expensive 8 wt. in the World

UPDATE (4/17/2012) – Yup… still running the 70% Off Sale, which does not appear to have ever ended.  The EXT is still $238.50.

UPDATE (4/18/2012) – They are running a sale right now that actually looks like a sale. $238.50, which is really way down from the $358-$430 numbers with $795 seeming to be steady as the MSRP.

UPDATE (3/26/2012) – March Madness Sale… The EXT continues to have an MSRP of $795, but now is back to $358.50.  This means this actually IS a sale of -$80.

UPDATE (3/2/2012) – They’ve changed their tune a bit.  Now they say the MSRP is $795. Oddly, the old price, for the $1,195 rod was $358.  Now, with the lower MSRP it is now $430. (I think they’ve also unsubscribed me from their marketing emails)

UPDATE… Super Bowl Sunday and I get an email from Albright. 70% off… Free Shipping… Sounds familiar.

So… is the EXT from Albright the most expensive 8 wt. in the world? Well, depends on how you look at their numbers.  See, the MSRP is $1,195.00.  Um… that would be the the priciest 8 wt. on the planet (by $300+).

The NRX =$760

The Sage One =$730

Winston iiix = $810

Orvis Helios = $825

Well… that just sounds a bit crazy, no?

Don’t worry though… they aren’t selling the EXT for $1,195. You can get it for the low, low price of $358.50. Yup… 70% off the MSRP.

Here’s the thing… that rod has never sold for a grand. Never.  It never will. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad rod, but it isn’t a thousand dollar rod.

I have an Albright. It is a decent stick. It was very good in terms of price. I think it was about $90 and it casts like a $130 rod. It’s a deal. The question Albright needs to answer is if the rod is money for value at $358.  It might be that.  There is a good chance it is.  They don’t need to say it casts well for $1,000 because there is no 8 wt. that should cost $1,000.

Come on folks. Play it straight.

(I’m not the only one who has noticed, it seems.  Hatch Magazine has as well.)

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  1. First, I enjoy your posts even if I am well removed from bonefish and tarpon waters.

    This is an interesting topic. I purchased some Albright equipment when they first began promoting themselves as direct to consumer with seriously discounted prices. And the stuff is ok. I am no expert but I doubt their products are worth the full price they advertise. Certainly the constant promotion of them at a discounted price makes that the official price in my mind. Its a tricky marketing game to play.

  2. Check out the Scott M series or custom series to include as one of the most expensive 8 weights.

  3. These comments are consistent with others I have read about Albright equipment. Decent but not fabulous. At the recent Fly Fishing Expo here in Boise, I cast the new Guideline Saltwater rods. They have a white finish, which is a little odd, but I love the power (easy 75ft casts) and flex that gave a good feel for short casts as well. I think they are around $385.

  4. I am offering a 1000 percent discount to all subscribers to my blog in perpetuity.

  5. Good man Pete… good man.

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