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As you may have gathered, we recently moved up to Alameda, an island city in the Bay Area. We are super close to a beach with a huge hard sand flat. I was wondering if anyone fished it at high tide with bait and when I saw an angler a couple weeks ago I decided to give it a go.

We fished a little bit from the beach last weekend and had a couple of nibbles, but no fish to hand.

Today, in-between storms we tried it again.

And… pay-dirt.

We managed five small leopard sharks from the beach, about 150 feet from the house. I’m kind of loving this place.

New Home Shark

New Home Shark

And no… it was not swimming weather, but this girl knows no such thing as cold.

It got me thinking… I might be able to catch a shark just by wading out and blind casting with a fly rod. I may have to give that a try. We’ll see.

PS – I forgot to mention this. One of the leopards actually jumped. It jumped when it got near the beach and spit the hook like a tarpon. I’ve never seen that before. So. Much. Fun.

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  1. That flat was sorta famous back in the day for stripers, so keep an eye out. There’s also a mall lake in Oakland – yes Oakland – that connects to the bay that had a run as well. There are a lot of access spots all around the east bay. When I had horses at GGF I’d spend an afternoon or two each spring blind casting along the edge of their expansive parking lot, catching all kinds of interesting fish, including a huge flounder. Also managed a striper or three in late spring. The edges are great as the bait gets pushed up right into the rocks

  2. Great handling. My buddies at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Harrisonburg, Virginia regularly fish for yellow shark in the Bahamas with floating lines and yellow poppers when the bone fishing isn’t panning out or they need a break. The guides are usually flabbergasted!

  3. This post is great Bjorn. I’m so glad that all of the recent changes in your life seem to be working out for the best!

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