Florida Fall Back Plan

I was planning on going to the Bahamas. Inagua was the destination I was looking at. It’s remote, has bonefish and a few tarpon as well. It was a good plan.

And then… things had to go through the “child custody” filter. The flight back would be on Monday. Monday is the start of the next week. I have my girl signed up for a marine science camp that week and if the ex didn’t want to brave the rush hour traffic to get her to that camp, well, I wasn’t going to be able to get her there from one of the 4 or so planes I would have been on that day coming from Inagua, through Nassau, to Miami and then on to SFO.

Just like that, the trip blew up. Done.

On to Plan B.

Plan B isn’t a bad plan. Florida is the Plan B. The more I look at it, the more it sounds like a very solid plan. I may get to fish with friends and that’s a pretty good option. Maybe I’ll even get my dad down there to catch a tarpon.

I’ve been down to FL to fish a couple times now. I may still have some clothes that haven’t dried out from the trip in June of 2012. Man did it rain a lot… Sunshine State my ass. That trip was with fellow-bloggers Davin and Matt and Adrienne, fishing with Martin, Derek, Eric and Bill. I landed one baby tarpon, broke a rod on one adult (sorry Bill), caught the Key’s smallest bonefish and had a great time.

Shooting the shit... and learning.

Shooting the shit… and learning.

The last trip was with my wife and our baby son. I got a day of fishing in with Dan Dow and Derek Rust, which I thought was generous. I landed my first redfish, thanks the Derek poling into the wind for a few hours.

My first redfish, photo from Derek Rust

My first redfish, photo from Derek Rust

Now, I’m likely coming back and that sounds pretty good. Rain or shine, it will be good to be back. I’m looking forward to it.


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  1. Sorry the Bahamas trip fell through. However, it’s good you prioritized:
    1. Paternal duties.
    2. Familial duties. Never pass up a chance to fish with your dad.
    3. Your just deserts to take another swing at the Yankee Stadium for bonefish and tarpon!
    4. Spousal duties, oops, this should have been number one!

    I’m thinking about taking a DIY Bonefishing trip on the road from Virginia this late spring. We can’t afford guides much of the trip but may rent kayaks and pull off the road at likely spots. My buddy, who is new to salt fly fishing will probably have a hard time with the distance casting but it’s a right of passage as is putting up with the weather… I’m up for an adventure and I’ll see if our friendship can survive adversity!

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