The quest… bones under $1K

I recently stumbled (and by stumbled I mean “found after searching for hours”) upon what sounded like my ideal trip for Bahamas Bonefish.  The island is Mayaguana, toward the tail end of the Bahamas.  The lodge, if it could be called that, doesn’t offer anything fancy.  Fancy would be code for “guide.”  They give you a place to lay your head, food and a canoe and point you toward a likely place.  I like the DIY mentality, mostly because it conforms nicely to my NEM (Not Enough Money) financial philosophy.

I could hardly wait to get to the bit where my dreams of a bonefishing trip for under $1,000 would spring from my overactive imagination and into my future reality.  The pricetag for a week of bed, grub and people propelled floatation… $1,495 a week… airfare not included.


Thusly, the search goes on.

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  1. What’s airfare cost to Miami? Get down here and lets do it. Although Biscayne Bones don’t always cooperate, when they do, it’s very rewarding.

  2. hey, is this your new site and email? Need to update stuff if so.

    Yeah, a flight to Miami isn’t much, but then the fishery is tough and getting a Biscayne Bay bone is far from a sure thing. That’s the trick. But in general… yes, I’d like to get back out there and give it another go… for sure.

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