The Return of FIBFest – Andros South

I don’t really know how many people have been reading the blog consistently over the past year, but I’d bet not that many of you.  Last year, when FIBFest was going on down at Andros South I was only getting about 90 readers a day.  These days I get about 225 or so.  For new readers all you need to know is that I got the invite to Andros South last year as part of a fly fishing blogger boondoggle and couldn’t do it… life got in the way… a move, a home sale, a 3 year old.  I just couldn’t make it happen, which was kind of crushing.

This year, things have fallen in my favor.  Deneki is announcing today the official line-up for FIBFest II down in South Andros and I’ll be there.

My mug will be in these shots soon.

One aspect I’m particularly excited about is the prospect of tagging some bonefish for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  I asked Andrew if that were a possibility and he said “Hell yeah!”

This is going to be one heck of a trip and I’ll take readers along as much as is possible (which is through the blog, in case anyone was reaching for a passport there).

The hunting grounds of Andros South.

The other FIBers (Fly Industry Bloggers) are chiming in as well…

Like Michael Gracie

And… Kyle Perkins over at Complete Thought

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  1. That’s awesome. Tag as many bones as you can.

  2. Duuuude! Soo, so, sweet. Congrats to the most deserving one out there!

  3. Thanks man. Can’t wait.

  4. BTW, how do you know how many readers you have? I have subscribers–folks who’ve logged in to leave comments–but it’s only a handful. I also have tracking software on my blog, but can barely distinguish between spam-bots and real people… strike that, CANNOT distinguish. I would like to have a general idea of readership.

  5. Google Analytics is the way forward. It is just a great program and it is free. You have that? I have subscribers, but not that many… I post every day, so people get a little tired of how much email I send them.

  6. I will look into it. thanks.

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