The right mentality

My trips are almost within sight. April. May. June. Only one of these trips is straight up fishing and I figure there will be 5 days of saltwater fishing in the mix.

Still, I can see myself trying to set the tone for each trip even now.

Belize… a trip with my daughter. I know I won’t get to fish as much or as hard as I’d like. I need to make the trip more about her, keeping her happy, making it a good experience for her and getting her into some fish.

Florida… three days of trying to find an intersection of my physical presence and the migratory tarpon run. There will likely be weather… hard, driving rains, wind, cloudy water. Florida can throw a lot at you when you are trying to find the fish. So, I’m going in with low expectations to match my actual experiences up to now.

Hawaii… I don’t know exactly what day I’ll be fishing on this family trip, but I’m going to grab a day. Still… it is Hawaii and if my previous Hawaii experiences have taught me anything it is that Hawaii doesn’t give up its fish to easily… so… setting expectations accordingly.

I could end up after these three trips not having caught very much of anything. But that’s how it goes and having that knowledge ahead of time could help cushion the blow of getting some skunk on me.

Belize… smallest fish of my 2010 trip.

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  1. Odd that anyplace in the Bahama’s isn’t a destination. Perhaps you have a bad taste in your mouth as do I?

  2. You are due some decent weather in Florida, the Gods of the laws of averages may show their blessings!

  3. I think I’m just emotionally spent a bit from that whole thing. I looked at going to the Bahamas with my daughter for Spring Break, but, honestly, it is way more expensive than a trip to Belize… probably by a factor of 2x. Florida is taking advantage of my work flying me out there for a conference and Hawaii is where my wife wanted to go… so, it is part being worn out and part coincidence. I’ll probably be back to the Bahamas in 2018, if I don’t end up going to the South Pacific instead (also a real possibility).

  4. I’m just preparing, mentally, to be rained on a lot. I think that is the right mentality for this trip! What a surprise it would be if there was some sun… and some fish!

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