Awesome in trip form – Openings for Cuba

I was really, really fortunate to get to fish Cuba with Yellow Dog back in 2012 (was it really that long ago?). It was an amazing experience. I caught my first adult tarpon there, jumped and lost others, caught plenty of bones, some nice jacks and cudas and generally had the time of my life.

You want in on this? Well, there is a trip April 22-29 going to the Garden of the Queens with the Fieldworkers Club and they have openings.

Check it out.

How’s that for a trip?

Dr. Jerry Ault is on the trip to lead the science efforts and as one of the world’s foremost experts on tarpon, that should be a pretty educational part of the trip.

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  1. Doug Jeffries

    I find it interesting that a scientific based organization like the Fieldworkers Club would have so many photos of adult tarpon lifted completely out of the water for hero shots. With so much data supporting the concept of leaving big fish like that in the water, especially from parent organizations like BTT, MOTE Marine Laboratory, and Florida Fish & Wildlife, I would have expected them to be fully in line. I assume those photos are from their 2016 trip, which puts them well within the time frame of the recommendations to keep fish in the water. To their credit at least they are supporting the entire fish’s body weight and not hanging them from their lower jaws. But holding a tarpon against one’s shirt removes a large percentage of the fish’s protective slime. C’mon guys, get with the program.

  2. I passed on the recommendation. It was appreciated.

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