The State of the Blog

The State of the Blog is strong.

Really, I’m pretty happy about it. I continue meeting interesting people and hearing interesting stories and things just continue being, well, interesting.

This last year I went to the big retail show, at which I drank too much, but had a blast and met a lot of people I have talked to for ages, but never met in person, like Cameron over at The Fiberglass Manifesto, Josh Mills at Chucking Line and Chasing Tail, Brian Bennett at Moldy ChumGeoff over at Ross/Scientific Anglers, Steve Hemkens from Orvis  and Kara, also known as the Empress of Social Media Marketing (rep’ing many of the companies you know and love).

Last year I went to Cuba. Um… Amazing. I went to Belize (for my HONEYMOON! Ruling).

My readership is up.

  • 47,237 unique views (up 23% from the previous year).
  • 149,000 page views (up 21% from the previous year).

That’s good news. I think more people are interested in bonefishing these days and the blog is still very, very focused on that (and Crappie, of course).

I’m glad to see that I have some really good company these days. This River is Wild is just putting out some fantastic content, as is Gink and Gasoline. Add to that my fav Flatswalker, the beyond solid work being done at Skinny Water Culture, the new blog by Scott Heywood, Mat Trevors Saltwater Fly Fishing Journal… there is just more and more stuff that I’m following and enjoying. I like the richness of the environment here in the blogosphere. It isn’t competition, it is comradeship.

Photo by Jim Klug

Photo by Jim Klug

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  1. Thank you for the SWFJ shout-out, good sir!

    Your blogging prowess & dedication to fresh content is something to admire, as well as aspire to.

  2. Cheers Mat!

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