Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day all.

This year promises to be a much, much better Valentine’s Day than I’ve had in a long time, largely due to being newly married.

My wife and I got married in September. Fly fishing was in the vows.

Our honeymoon was in Belize at El Pescador (I highly recommend this option, by the way).

Oh Belize... I miss you.

Oh Belize… I miss you.

I’ve lucked out. Fishing may not be the Dr.’s first love, but she won’t hate it just because I love it, she’s willing to come along on these trips and she’s even game for casting a fly, even for bonefish.

Beyond an expensive night out, this is what I got my wife for Valentine’s Day.

Hooked and kept.

For you, the readers… do you fish with your spouse or Significant Other? Do you wish you could? Do you prefer not to have that be a part of the relationship?


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  1. My wife and I enjoy fly fishing together. It is the best thing ever! I never have to worry about spending too much time on the water away from her. She is always there with me. Also, when we plan vacations, I can count on fly fishing being a major part of those plans. I can’t imagine getting to fish half as much as I do without having a wife that is as into fly fishing as I am. And while I do catch more fish than she does, she always catches bigger fish!

  2. I have a similar experience as Mike. My wife fishes, although typically with spin gear more often than fly, and is always on any fishing charter I hire. It definitely makes planning trips nice. She understands and wants fishing to be a part of our time together. We have made sure that we have activities that bring us together, and I can’t think of any activity that’s taken us to more beautiful places and brought us more great stories than fishing. Maybe she’ll pick up the fly rod more this year…
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  3. My wife Shari and I fly fish together. It has a been a big part of our vacations to Cozumel and Abaco. We also both like to snorkel so we do that too. She is a beginner fly fisher but she catches on fast. Usually she catches the first fish, or the biggest fish. I have found that trying to teach your spouse how to double-haul is probably not a good idea, better to get her lessons from someone at the fly shop.

  4. This is the first blog I have got in months and its on Valentines day !!!!!! Hope you havent turnned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congrats to you and the missus . . .

    My new bride loves to fish, but isn’t able to very often due to seasickness. Still, for our honeymoon, we spent most days plying the waters of Pine Island Sound for snook and reds, at her request. A keeper for sure.

  6. Cheers for all the comments folks.

  7. I was wondering what happened to you!?! Good to have you back. Some of My favorite days of my life have been fishing with my sweetheart. Its great when you can combine the two best things in life. I have hooked her more times than she has hooked me… watch those back casts.

  8. My wife went with me for several years both before and after we got married. I was proud of her effort. We did Alaska and lots of packin’ in Colorado. She finally admitted it wasn’t her cup of tea. At the same time she knows my passion is adventure fly fishing. She’ll often tell me to go fishing when I get all grumpy and cranky. She’s an angle and fulfills my life. So in a way I have the best of both worlds. Happy Valentines Day to all.

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