“The Thor of Crustaceans”

I’m from California, but with a name like Bjorn you know the headline “The Thor of Crustaceans” caught my attention.

Of course, we’re talking about the Mantis Shrimp.

Mantis Shrimp, are, as you might imagine, prey of bonefish and it turns out, they are kind of badass too. The article talks about how their armored weapons/claws could be the key to new, stronger body armor.  Pretty cool.

I can give a pretty convincing account of the life of a mayfly or a caddis or a stonefly, but I know just about zilch about the actual prey of bonefish.

I should work on that.  It might just come in handy when I’m tying up flies or, ya know, trying to fool bonefish with imitations of their prey.

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  1. Kelly J. Bandlow

    There are many mantis shrimp patterns out there, but check out the boys at Nervous Waters Hawai’i. Clay has a couple killer mantis fly patterns that are awesome

  2. My go to mantis pattern The Spam and Eggs will be available thru SS Flies soon

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