What not to bring

There are lots of things that you SHOULD consider bringing with you on your bonefishing trip (I love Desitin, for example).  Flatswalker had some thoughts about what you SHOULD NOT bring with you. See the full list here.

Some of Flats Walker’s no-no’s:

  • Sandals. I don’t care what you call them or what brand they are, you’ll regret it.
  • Grey polarized sunglasses (unless you’re legitimately color blind, then maybe).
  • Rod tubes… I mean, why?

What are some of the things you urge people to not to bring?

One thing I’d add to the list…


Yeah... not bonefishing...

Oh… and Bananas. Of course.


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  1. Do you mean sandals for wading, while fishing? If so I agree with you. I like wearing sandals after fishing-gives my waterlogged feet a chance to chill out.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong………..Grey lenses are made specifically for saltwater fishing in very sunny conditions. They are great in saltwater but not freshwater. In freshwater the grey tint reduces all contrast between the fish and its surroundings. You might as well not be wearing glasses at that point.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Sandals in a boat is a bad idea, me thinks. One of the great advantages of bare feet is feeling the line underfoot, which is harder to do with a pair of Reef’s on. For wading? Yeah… not good.

  4. Grey lenses are designed to be neutral in contrast. (Which is why polarizing filters for cameras are grey.) So they cut glare but don’t increase contrast. Nothing to do with salt or fresh. It does just so happen that grey lenses do work great in blue-water or deep sea conditions, where you want most of all to see color shifts from depth changes or current lines but aren’t really looking for specific fish in the water. On the flats grey lenses seem almost useless compared to copper, brown, or vermilion lenses — all of which increase contrast and cause bonefish, etc to stand out from the background.

  5. bonefishbjorn

    I knew you’d have an answer for that one.

  6. Sandals in the tropics for somebody not from there is a bad idea for one very important reason that you won’t realize until it’s too late: sunburn on top of your feet. Barefoot. No for the same reason plus the added benefit of getting sore feet from standing Ina bare piece of fiberglass for hours. I recommend boat shoes with no laces in the style of athletic shoes.

  7. Gracias

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