The two handed strip for tarpon

I’ve been hearing a bit about Andy Mills and his two handed strip for tarpon. (<– that right there is a really good interview over at Midcurrent with Andy. You need to read it.)

Andy kind of wrote the book on tarpon, so I’m inclined to believe it works. I’ve actually seen him do it on the Buccaneers & Bones show and he certainly fed some tarpon doing it.

I’m certainly going to have this in the back of my mind as I head to Florida in May to try and catch another tarpon myself. The only thing I’m worried about is just the overall awkwardness of trying to do a two handed retrieve. It can get a bit ugly if you aren’t used to doing it.

Something to think about.

Any of you do the two handed strip?

Andy's book.

Andy’s book.

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  1. Andy’s style with the rod between his legs is pretty awkward looking, the two hand strip is very commonly used by east coast striper fishermen who hold their rods under their arm, that’s a pretty easy position. I think the reason Andy does it the way he does is to keep the rod tip as close to the water as possible, that’s something else to keep in mind. However you do it, it is very conducive to a good strip strike.

  2. I do not have one, but know where to get one!!!

    Seriously, I have never fished for tarpon or any other fish that might require a two handed retrieve, but would add that to my pre-trip prep. Nothing is worse than being in the proper place and proper time only to have no idea what to do…

    I remember when I fish read about Andy Mills in Fish & Fly… From what I read, he knows his stuff.


    Under the arm is what I have seen and I would tend to do. On the other hand, practice makes permanent… in all things in life.

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  5. I would add that if you have not watched “Chasing Silver,” the video series by Jamie Howard, now’s the time. Watching Andy in action is very interesting.

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