The Wire

The RIO wire

The RIO wire

I can’t go to the skinny water without my wire, I admit it.

At first, barracuda were the enemy, the predators of bonefish and bonefish were what I was out to catch. It seemed natural to hate them and their ability to turn a landed bonefish into half a landed bonefish.

As predators they excel. Their speed and power and aggression are really astounding. And… aren’t those pretty good traits in a game fish?

My hatred turned to curiosity and then to outright joy.

I’ll say it. I love barracuda.

When they decide to go after a fly they destroy it, shred it, make it a fraction of its former self. When you hook one they jump like skinnier, madder tarpon. They throw rooster tails of water on their lightning runs. They are electric.

They can also hurt you. Badly. Maybe not kill you, but they could take off a finger or two.

“It ain’t wilderness unless there’s a critter that can kill you and eat you.” – Doug Peacock.

So, with a trip on the horizion, it was time to buy some new wire. I’m going for the bonefish, but I’ll enjoy the cudas too.

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