This post is not about Sara Palin

No, really… it isn’t.  Bonefishing isn’t a political thing and conservation isn’t a political thing.  I hope you all send a little bit of that little bit of money you have floating around at the end of the month to help the folks who are working to make sure there are bonefish left for us to play with.

These days, for the 2/3 of readers who are from the US, conservation is a political hot button issue… which, I’m going to say, is stupid.  The fish aren’t red or blue (ya know, unless they are actually red or blue).  The Endangers Species Act and the Clean Water Act were signed by… get ready for it… Richard Nixon.  Yeah… that Richard Nixon.  Tricky Dick could see the value of conservation.  So, be a Dick and embrace conservation.

The best way you can do that, if you want to protect Bonefish, is to give to the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

There are other groups… the Turneffe Atoll Trust is new and promising.  Down there in Belize is also Green Reef.

yeah... what he said.

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