Bonefish Census – April 21

It’s Census Time… although, if you are prone to government conspiracies and believe Obama is the Anti-Christ, you probably aren’t filling yours out… and that’s OK by me.

However, it is also Bonefish Census time, and that is important business.  April 21st is the date for the “Great Counting.” The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, as you might expect, is at the center of it all, along with Miami University.

Fall census results have indicated a population of just over 320,000 bonefish in the Florida Keys fishery. We want to use the Spring census to calibrate our Fall estimates and to determine if there is a seasonal component to the bonefish population size estimates. Of particular note, your participation in this year’s census is critically important because we are trying to get a handle on the extent to which January’s extremely cold weather has impacted the Florida Keys bonefish population.

Get the info you need at the BTT website and if you are out there, you should take part.

A Bruce Chard Bonefish from them there Keys.

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