To the Keys in October

Well, the wife starts a new job in October and has a week off in-between gigs. I convinced her (it wasn’t hard) that she needed a little R&R between one gig and the next and that we should go somewhere warm with sand and saltwater.

Going to head to the Keys, specifically Hawk’s Cay Resort, in the first week of October. I’m looking forward to the trip. Maybe I’ll bump into Derek Rust, who guides out of Hawk’s Cay for Saltwater Experience.

I’m sure there will be some fishing, but I also know that is the second reason for the trip, the first is to get my wife some down time.

Should be beautiful, so long as there isn’t a hurricane.

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  1. My wife and I were on Eleuthera and witnessed gill netting in Governor’s Harbor a central location on the island where a large resident school of bonefish USED to live. Unfortunate, as it seems, there appears to be little that is being done to mitigate this kind of commercial fishing there….

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