Top 5 reasons I want to return to the Keys

Yes, I’m headed back to the Keys (and you can come too). Here are my reasons…

  1. Simply, it is beautiful down there. I mean… come on…



  2. It is the closest bit of tropics fishing you are going to get. Sure, you can get tarpon in Texas and there are bonefish in San Diego Bay, but the Keys are where the tropics start in my book.
  3. It’s a good time to be there. The tarpon madness has passed, the kids are back in school and it isn’t lobster season. If you live in the Keys, this is likely one of your favorite times to be there.
  4. Days on flats boats are days well spent. I have yet to have a bad day on a flats boat. I’ve had difficult fishing and I’ve even been skunked, but I haven’t had a bad day.

    Happy Place

    Happy Place

  5. The Keys are demanding and you need to put your time in to get rewarded. I am looking to do just that.



  1. I know that Florida gets all the attention, but I promise you that we have water that looks that good in Texas too – way down south, where it starts to get tropical. At that point it’s practically Mexico, but whatever. As our tarpon populations continue to rebound, so do our snook, and soon there may be monsters lurking that would rival the 57lb giant caught in 1937.
    What I’m saying is, Florida is awesome, but if you’re ever down here, we have it pretty good too. (Even the occasional bonefish… shhh.)

  2. I remember finding a state record for a bonefish in Texas. I think it was 2 pounds. I have read about permit down there too, although on the small side. I’d like to get down to TX to fish some time.

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