Tosh Brown goes to Andros South

I actually saw this via The Trout Underground.  Tosh Brown is a pretty stellar guy by all accounts.  He was recently down at Andros South, a place close to my heart.  The weather didn’t play nicely with the crew down there, but the photos are simply wonderful and they do, in fact, feature bonefish, so, it wasn’t a total failure.

Well, from the perspective of six blokes fishing Andros Island between May 20-25, 2012, that’s a big honkin’ load of crap. We saw the sunset on three different evenings and woke each of the following mornings to rain coming down in sheets. Thankfully, bonefish still show up quite nicely over white sand on cloudy days, and Andros has neither a shortage of white sand or bonefish.

A grey day in Andros

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