Puerto Rico – An end to gillnets

It’s just a damn fine idea.  It’s a shinny, glittery, warm and fuzzy idea.  Gillnets are bad, bad news.

From what I’ve read the ban on gill nets in Florida had a direct and sudden impact on the inshore fisheries where redfish were concerned.

So, here’s a petition to ban gill nets in Puerto Rico.  Now… it’s in Spanish, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is about.


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  1. phil thompson

    The net ban in Florida was the one best action ever taken to restore our fishery. It took a decade to pass over the objections of the commerical fiherman. All toll, it put 12oo people out of work statewide.
    The quote I remember from a man patching his net on the shores of Triadad de Cuba in response to my question about bonefish, “There are a few here, but most have been made into ceveche. capt.philthompson.com

  2. They will drop the nets until the nets come up empty-then they will move on to another resource until their bones are bleached by the sun.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Vince, that was poetry.

  4. Capt Till brauer

    The petition is bilingual, I am the petitioner and I am a native born in Puerto Rico but high school and college education in the USA. I appreciate your response and please note, we are not anti commercial fishermen, we just need to modify the way we harvest fish, and eliminate the indiscriminate and wasteful nets from the coastal waters of Puerto Rico as soon as possible, we are convinced in the way fisheries rebounded in Florida, it can also happen here, JUST IMAGINE!!!

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