Trout Underground Turns Older

The Trout Underground (the world’s most popular fishing blog), is written by Tom and Tom turns, well, older, today.

Happy birthday Tom.

Now, go plow some snow!

That's Tom, taken by Wayne Eng

The Trout Underground inspired me to start this little labor of love, although the rivers that Tom mostly writes about are 1) a hellofa lot closer than I am to any bonefish, and 2) the rivers of my youth.

Keep up the good  work there Tom and Happy Birthday.

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  1. The whole birthday thing might just be overrated. At least that’s my thinking after calculating I’ll be approximately 72 when Meski graduates from college.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Well… being 56 when Anna graduates from college doesn’t seem so bad, really. I hope fatherhood is agreeing with you.

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