Hooked on the Fly visits Black Fly Bonefish Club

Bonefish on TV… I like it.  Wait… I have cable and not satellite… so I don’t get to see this show?  WTF?  Well, you privileged bastidos who get to watch Hooked on the Fly will soon get to see the Black Fly Bonefish Club out on Abaco.

On the Black Fish blog, you can read how things are going…

That day, as Clint pulled away from the dock he pointed the bow of the skiff not in the usual direction leading to the nearby flats, but toward the deep blue water instead. Not long underway, they came upon a rare sighting of a whale enjoying the day by lolling at the surface. After a brief time of whale watching they moved on to find a promising weed line and in short order had two nice mahi mahi in the fish box tagged for the evening meal. Making the run back to the flats they were rewarded with a hour of tailing bonefish before calling it a day.

Sounds like a pretty nice day.

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  1. Bet those Mahi would be fun on a fly….

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Yeah, I’ll bet they would. Going to have to do that on one of my trips down to Vallarta. I know they have them there. Last time I was in Kauai I was trying to find bonefish and had a Mahi Mahi roll up on the flat… it was about 3-4 feet long and lit up like Christmas Morning… crazy thing to see… it was between me and the shore in about 2 feet of water. It did not want a shrimp pattern.

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