Tying a Cuda Fly

A very interesting tie… and it is key you watch all the way to the end… all the way.



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  1. Okay Bjorn,

    You really had me going at first. I was laughing my ass off watching the dumbell eyes spin and your lame attempt at a finger whip finish.

    A classic case of “bait’n’switch” done in comedic fashion…well done!.

    Seriously though…apply about an inch or so of Softex along the tail from the hookshank and back. It’ll eliminate any possibility of the tail fouling around the hook and ruining that perfect presentation to a toothy critter.


  2. I amused myself greatly with this… probably more than I should have. Good suggestion though, I’ll do that.

  3. Well played there, Bjorn. Well played indeed.

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