Tying up some meat

In Belize I threw a lot of #6 flies, and even some #8’s. As I look forward to the Florida trip, I’m tying up some meat for any Biscayne Bones we might come across. That means tying up flies up to a size 1/0.

That’s kind of mind boggling.


I shudder thinking about the size of a bonefish that would eat a 1/0.

One… frigging… ought.

Big ole flies

Big ole flies

What’s the biggest fly you’ve thrown at a bonefish??

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  1. Bjorn — My standard bonefish flies in Marathon are #1’s and #2’s. But plenty of bonefish have eaten permit crab flies on bigger hooks. The same is true in the Bights at Andros — put on a skinny #4 or #6 and the guides will ask “don’t you have something bigger mon?” See you in June.


  2. Hey Bill, I’m tying up plenty of #2’s as well. I may be out of #1 hooks at the moment though. I’ll be well, well stocked for bonefish. I’ll have a LOT of flies. I just keep tying and tying and tying and I haven’t even looked at my two bonefish boxes lately, but I am pretty sure they are already pretty full. Good problem to have.

  3. You know you have a problem when just looking at the flies on the table get you excited! sigh- those are beautiful!! Hopefully I will get a little fix tomorrow at the F3 film festival.
    Good LucK!!!Take lots of pictures on you trip I will have to settle for living vicariously for now.
    oh yeah – biggest fly was while canoeing through Quiticio in Canada
    I don’t even remember what size it was but the hook was longer than your middle finger that way the muskies teeth would not cut you leader? “most the time”.

  4. I had a bone steal a 2/0 crab from right under two permit. Not even a big bone.

  5. When i first started fish in nassau i fished # 6 and #8 until i hooked the first fish now only # 2.

  6. What is the pattern that you have pictured there?

  7. In theory, an EP Spawning Shrimp.

  8. I usually use a 1 or 2 but the last one I got in the main channel of town was on a heavily dressed clouser on a 2/0 . Of course I was fishing for trevally but stuff happens. Some of the locals have gotten bonefish trolling so if they want to eat they will regardless of size.

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