Records are funny… 2 lb. test bonefish

I came across this story in the Fort Myers Florida Weekly about a new record being set… records are funny, really… this record fish was 2 pounds 6 ounces.  The record that was set for for woman angler and 2 pound test.

Now… should you really be trying to  catch a bonefish on two pound test?  Isn’t that going to tire the bonefish out too much?  Is that bonefish going to be able to recover or evade predators?

Joanna seems like a nice lady and I’m sure she’s a great angler, worthy of a record and all, but I just have to question this sort of record making. I’ll actually go on the record as saying this sort of thing sucks.

The record 2 lb test fish.

The record 2 lb test fish.

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