Update on the East End

I’ve been watching photos pop up from Abaco and things look pretty bad there. You see less coming out of the East End of Grand Bahama, but this video gives you a glimpse of what things are like. No power on the last 35 miles of the island.

With the lodges not working and no power… I’m not sure how things are going to come back.

Consider donating to the East End fund to help the people out there.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Rob is doing a great job of sharing how his community is rebuilding. I gave what I could immediately after Dorian. I’ll see what more I can do this holiday season to share some Season’s spirit.

  2. Just returned from 4 days of fishing with H20 bonefishing on Grand Bahama Island. We had 4 days of sunshine and light wind, lots of bonefish with plenty of big fish on the flats. Saw very little damage to the Our Lucaya area but the north side of the island near the airport was hit very hard as well as the east end. The fishery towards Water Cay looked to be in great shape, not many visitors on the island and we heard reports of 50% unemployment for the local folks

  3. I believe that 50% number… has to be pretty hard right now for the folks of Grand Bahama and Abaco. Thanks for the report.

  4. It looked like the lodge on Water Cay was destroyed

  5. They had actually moved the operation over to Little Abaco and I’m told the damage wasn’t as bad there as you might expect. Water Cay was cool though… got to visit there once and it seemed so ideal a place to stay and fish.

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