Vallarta II

Second day from the beach today.  Good times were had.  Not big fish, but lots of them.  This isn’t flats fishing or sight fishing, but it is a lot of fun on a family vacation.  Must have landed 25 or so little Jack Crevelle, just myself, out there at the river mouth all by myself.  Came back and my daughter wasn’t up from her nap yet.  Nice.

Basically, I go to the river mouth here in Vallarta and throw a sly line on my 7 wt. with a clouser and… well… it is fun.  Not big fish, but lots of them.  Great for a family vacation where the focus is on pool time with my daughter and wife.

I got a Buff for this trip (and for the Bahamas in January).  I was worried it would be too hot.  It isn’t.  It = Totally Ruling.  No sunburn on my neck or on my nose or… anywhere.  I’m pretty frigging impressed with Buffs.

Lots of these make for a fun time.



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