Vieques Bonefish

Vieques, Puerto Rico… yes, the place we used to drop bombs on… turns out, might have some pretty interesting fishing too.  Vieques has several things going for it… first, it’s a US Territory, so travel is a little less complicated.  Second, you can actually camp there (although I’ve read not to leave anything in your tent when you leave for the day).  Third, and most importantly, there are bonefish there.  How many?  How big?  How hard/easy?  I have no frigging idea… but they are there.

There are a couple of guides that work the island… one of them has a blog (The Vieques Angler), which I read.

I found a story (in the NYT, of all places) about bones on Vieques and wrote the author.  He said that there were flats you could walk out on, and that for around $15 a day you could even rent a kayak that would get you to other, more promising flats.  This makes the island a good possible DIY/Self Guided location.

This is another trip that has some real potential to come in under that magical $1,000 threshold that makes it easier to negotiate on the home-front.

Vieques… looks nice.

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  1. Douglas Carver

    how in heck do I find a guide or those kayak rentals? Is there a map noting the fishing sites? Going for a week and want to get some fly and spin fishing in. Don’t want to waste time trying to figure it out.
    Is there a shop on the island?
    And last but not least, what flies and lures should I be bringing???

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Wish I knew… but I don’t. I have yet to get there. I’d try asking at one of the big Facebook groups. I’ll put that out there and see what I can get back.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    I’ll add, I can’t imagine there is a shop in Vieques. I could be wrong on that, but man, that would be really unusual.

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