Water Cay Lodge, added to the mix

I leave tonight… a red-eye to Grand Bahama with the family.

Thanks to Scott at Angling Destinations I’ll get to check out a fairly new operation on Grand Bahama I’ve been wanting to get a look at. Water Cay Lodge. WCL is located on the sparsely populated North side of GBI.

If you’ve flown into Grand Bahama, you’ve likely noticed the juicy looking water on the North side of the island. Truth it, it doesn’t get fished too often because it is a little harder to get at and if you are fishing out of the West End or McCleans Town, other waters make more sense to fish.

Water Cay Lodge

I’m going to get a little tour and a little fishing there on Monday. Very exciting stuff.

Head guide is Sidney Thomas and Scott assures me he is one of the best in the whole of the Bahamas, and that’s saying something.

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