Who Ray

I heard rumors of stripers in the Bay and I went and tried to find them on Friday. I stopped by the little bait shop that tends to have the info and I bought some pier fishing gear to help pay for the information.

There are “some” around, but not a lot. That was the report. I think that’s the standard SF Bay Striper report.

I went where I was directed and it looked promising. I could see bait, a lot of bait, shoaling around. I’m pretty sure predators like bait, so this seemed like a good sign.

I saw no stripers. I saw no boils. I saw nothing to cast at, but I cast anyway. This is T-400 casting. It isn’t elegant stuff.

As I was casting and retreating I suddenly felt something lively on the other end. I thought I had finally found a striper. Alas, it was a bat ray I had managed to snag in the head. He was a little guy and I managed to get the fly off without getting his spike rammed in my hand, which was nice.

sorry about that little guy.

sorry about that little guy.

I moved to a new spot and I could see, 150 yards out, birds crashing bait. I may have even seen fish crashing the same bait, but I was too far away to really tell.

So, another fruitless striper trip in the Bay. You never catch anything from your living room, though, so it was worth a shot.



  1. Totally agree with your philosophy on just getting out there. It’s been a slow striper season for us in Connecticut this year, been quite a few fruitless outings. Very cool that you got into a ray though, I have to say that’s the only time I’ve seen a shot of a bat ray on the fly! Tight lines.


  2. Well, I didn’t get it to eat, so much as it was in the way of the fly. Would have been sweet to hook fairly.

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