Why I like blind casting

Sometimes, you just need to catch something, and as thousands of old men have said when they want to be pithy while fishing… “You never catch anything without your fly in the water.”

So, sometimes, when I need a tug, I cast without seeing a fish first. This breaks one of Davin’s rules, but rules are made to be broken.

One of my catches while blind casting was this lookdown… a relative of the permit (in the same way a Jack is).

Cool fish.

Cool fish.

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  1. julian frayne

    Enjoy your site, cheers bink.

  2. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that my largest bonefish to date was caught while blind casting for jacks and snappers. Part of the reason I like fly fishing is that it is an active sport. It’s about moving around a lot and casting to likely spots. It’s hard to do the stalking thing all the time, especially when conditions are bad and there are not a lot of bones around.

  3. When I was in Great Inagua, at the end of the day we would go to a spot that you couldn’t see any bones, but you knew they were there. I would blind cast for a while, catch about 10 nice sized ones and then go get changed and eat dinner. That’s not a bad way to end any day. Plus there were pompano, queenfish (I think) and plenty of other species in there.

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