Why you should book with an outfitter, Belize Edition

I’m going to Belize next month, as I think you all know.

I ended up not booking the trip through a booking agent although the price was almost identical and in the end, probably would have been completely equal. I didn’t have really good reasons NOT to book through an agent but part of my brain was thinking this wasn’t a real fishing trip, even if there was going to be 1-2 days of fishing.

So, I booked myself.

Fast forward to a couple days ago when my procrastinating brain figured “OK, let’s get the guides sorted out.” Well, there were no more guides available. Disaster. Scramble. “OH NOOOOO.”

Pretty sure if I had booked through a booking agent I would not have has the 24-36 hours of panic I just endured.

I found a guide. The trip is saved, but only just. It is Easter Weekend. People are booked well in advance. I had just let the details slip because I hardly have two seconds to rub together these days and I adopted a distinctly “Island time” mentality about this trip.


When and if I get to go with my daughter on some other exotic fishing trip I’m going to go through an agent… because, yeah, I’d like to not sweat the details.

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  1. If you had booked through an agent, what sort of agent would you book through? Some place like Yellow Dog, or the same guys you booked the long Island trip through?

  2. bonefishbjorn

    This trip I would have booked through Yellow Dog. They have this destination and I talked to them about it. Hindsight being 20/20, or close enough, I should have done that. I kind of screwed that up a bit and if I had been more… oh, I don’t know, clear headed, I would have approached this trip differently. I think mentally, I was just thinking of this as a dad/daughter trip that involved maybe a couple days of fishing, not a “fly fishing trip.”

    Live, learn, etc.

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