Your first bonefish

Over on my Facebook page I asked people where they caught their first bonefish.  I got a fair number of responses.  Here’s what came out of that.

The winner was the Bahamas, with 17 people. Second was Belize, with 8. If you count the islands of the Bahamas separately, Belize edges out Andros, 8-7.


The numbers


Here is what I found surprising about the responses. I always thought that a trip like Andros or Christmas Island was the trip you took after you got your feet wet somewhere else. However, it appears a great number of people actually start off their bonefish addictions at the top-of-the heap locations. With so much of my readership from the States, I thought there would be more of a Florida contingent, but that was only 13% of replies.

One thing is clear, you guys really do get after it.

Bahamas – 17

Belize – 8

Mexico – 6

Florida – 6

Christmas Island – 3

Los Roques – 1

BVI – 1

Bonaire – 1

Puerto Rico – 1

Roatan – 1

Tobago – 1

Hawaii – 1

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  1. Turks and Caicos.

  2. How ’bout you? Where did you nail that first slimy, silvery beast that set you on the road to blogerdom? Are you aware that there are bones in California & Baja?

  3. First seen, Hawaii. First caught, Grand Bahama.

    I have not caught one of the Cali bones, but I know of them.

  4. Florida is so low because a) bonefish are on the decline there and b) you can’t catch the ones that are there unless you’ve a PHD in bonefishology. 😉

  5. AITUTAKI thanks BUTCH

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