My Deneki Hat… then and now

Back when I couldn’t make the first FIBFest down in South Andros, I got this lovely “wish you were here” gift.

New… brand new and bright orange.

Since then, this hat has been through a lot with me. A couple of magical years of parenting and a couple of crappy years of marriage, a couple of moves, a new job, a new girlfriend and a new wife.

The hat has been places and seen things.

I love this hat.

Faded, and comfortable

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  1. A good/favorite hat is an important part of the arsenal.

  2. A good hat is hard to find, keep it close when you do. Plus it is a scientific fact some hats/visors have better fish “mojo” than others!

  3. r u just trying to get andrew to invite you back again?

  4. Bjorn doesn’t need to write more posts to get another invite back down.

  5. So when do we get some equipment reviews from your trip Bjorn? Interested to hear about the TNT.

  6. Soon… This week I hope.

  7. Well, it might look like it, but really, I just love the hat and all that it has meant for me. The first FIBFest I didn’t get to go basically because the ex launched a torpedo at the trip. I didn’t get the trip, but I got the hat, then I got the trip the next year and when I got back from that trip, my first marriage was basically over. That hat stayed with me, fading more, gaining more character and meaning along the way.

  8. That’s good to know Andrew!

  9. That second photo looks like a best friend to me…goes to show you what damage the sun would have done to your uncovered dome

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