Your first trip in the salt

Midcurrent has some ideas about where you should go for your first bonefishing trip.

Total Crap! (< attempt at sensationalism)

Actually… spot on.

Bone in GBI

Bone in GBI

Basically… go to the Bahamas.

That’s where I went when I for sure, needed to catch a bonefish. I did. I’ve had it in my head ever since.

The Bahamas makes it easy. The flights are many, as are the fish. There are a lot of price points, the fish are there to be caught. It can sometimes be a crap shoot finding an independent guide, although the lodges usually have top talent.

So… head to the Bahamas.

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  1. My first trip for bonefish was to Cozumel, there are bonefish there, but not as big as the ones in the Bahamas. I also hear that Belize is a good place to go, but I have not been there.

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