The Tying Season

Once the skies turn grey and the temps start to fall, many anglers start to think about re-stocking their fly boxes. Tis the season for fly tying (or steelheading, but let’s focus on fly tying).

Do you have a number in mind of flies you’d like to tie this winter?  What is on your list?

I need to restock the following:

  • #6-#4 Peterson Spawning Shrimp
  • #6-#4 Tan Gotcha
  • #2-#6 Glass Back Reverse Gotcha
  • #3/0 Cuda Flies
  • #2/0 light/tan Bunny Tarpon Flies

What do you need to resupply?

The desk.



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  1. I have been tying bonefish and other saltwater flies like crazy in prep for our trip to Abaco next week. I have 1 box of weighted flies, 1 box of skinny water flies, 1 box of crab flies, one box of various species saltwater flies, 1 extra box of bonefish flies that also contains some glow in the dark flies for night fishing, not to mention my wifes 2 boxes; 1 for weighted and unweighted, 1 for crab flies. I think I might be ready.

  2. It seems I’ve had very little need for heavy flies. Every once in a while I need something with lead eyes, but mostly I’ve needed bead-chain eyes. I have yet to have a guide select a fly without weight. The most in demand flies have been a simple tan gotcha with a hot orange nose and the Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp.

  3. I have tied several PSS’s, some Veverka’s mantis shrimps, I have a ton of gotchas with both bead chain and heavier, reverse and standard, blond, pink, tan and green in size 6, 4 and 2. Also several Greg’s Flats Flies. Most of my crabs are merkin style, with and without rubber legs. I have Bonefish Bitters in 3 colors. I have worm flies, Clousers and I even have a couple of clam flies. I tie a variety of unweighted Chico snapping shrimp style flies for skinny water as well as some of his Bonefish Specials. Being right on the beach should give me an opportunity to try a lot of different flies, and with my wife fishing and each of us using something different we can double what I could normally try on my own. We can only afford a one day guided trip and I will let him pick out what to use from my selection, but the rest of the week we have access to a boat and kayaks so we will get a fair amount of DIY fishing in.

  4. Christmas Island Specials in all variations! Kiribati in 86 days!

  5. Have a blast Mark!

    Kiribati sounds pretty good too Tom!

  6. Thanks Bjorn! I am so exited I feel like I may explode, along with my fly boxes.

  7. I have soooo much advice for you, I can’t possibly fit it all into one comment. Should be a very good time. I’m sure you’ve been practicing your double haul? That’s a critical element. If you don’t have it, it will be very frustrating. If you do, you are in the game. The strip… not too fast, but fast enough to keep it off the bottom. Start with a longer strip so the fish has a better chance to see the fly and you take out any slack. Give a report when you are back too!!

  8. I will give full multiple reports when I return. I have a very decent double haul (from steelhead fishing). Not too worried about my casting skills. Worried more about being patient, casting to the right spots, trout setting and not spooking fish. Thanks for the stripping advice, that will be helpful.

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