5 Bits of Wisdom from Florida

No trout set is remotely possible.

No trout set is remotely possible.

It’s all about learning.

  1. Thunder travels at 1 mile every 5 seconds, not every one second. So… if you count 5 Mississippi, that wasn’t 5 miles away, it was one mile away. I should have known this, but wasn’t sure if it was 1:1 or some other ratio.
  2. Not all bonefish eat like Bahamian bonefish. They really are different. The strip I have done for dozens of Bahamian bonefish does not work in the Keys.
  3. The number one way to prevent trout-setting on a tarpon is to not have the rod in your hand. Brilliant.
  4. Mats for line management are awesome, awesome things.
  5. Mullet can mud. Just because you see fish mudding doesn’t mean they are bones.

There was more than that, of course… but this is a smattering of the take-aways from the trip. So much was learned… like how little sleep I can operate on over a period of days.





  1. Can you describe the stip that worked for you in Florida? What part of the Keys? Thanks

  2. I’m sure that Florida is tough enough without the weather hassles. I’m glad you survived your “shocking” experience.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    I think this works all over the Keys. The technique is the one Andy Mills is publicizing, although he didn’t come up with it. It was over on Midcurrent a few weeks back.

  4. I may presume to speak for all Mats here: while we are good at managing lines, we can also do so much more…

  5. The first time I was in the Keys I was mesmerized by the color and clarity of the water. Many, many days we were able to clearly see the bottom at 50-60′. Your photo makes me miss it just a little.

  6. Fish pics? Did you catch any snook?

  7. bonefishbjorn

    No snook were harmed in the making of this trip. The species list included… tarpon (baby, landed), tarpon (adult, fed/jumped), redfish, cuda, bonefish, lookdowns, ladyfish, jacks.

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