The Cadence of the Trip

Florida is now in the rear view mirror. It was a blast, despite tough conditions.

The flow of the day would go something like this.

6:00 – wake up having had too little sleep and maybe a little too much beer the night before.

7:00 – push off from the house having found and awaken whoever we were fishing with that day, looking up at the sky to see mostly blues with some odd darkness off to the South and East.

8:00 – Be fishing with some decent, but imperfect weather. Maybe it is high haze, or maybe it is just patchy clouds. Darkness to the South and East gets darker and closer.

Winter is coming...

Winter is coming…

9:30 or 10:00 – It becomes clear that the now mass of blackness is headed our way. We are going to get pissed on.

10:30 – rain starts, sometimes with a comment like “Man, it is blowing so hard you can hear the wind on the water,” only then to see the wall of water approaching and thinking “oh, that was rain… a lot of rain… buckets of the stuff.”

10:35 – Get wet.

10:45 – Get wetter.

That's what I call "wet"

That’s what I call “wet”

11:00 – Start thinking of ways to explain how wet you are, like “I’ve been swimming without getting this wet,” or “my soul is wrinkled from the wet.”

11:05 – 5:00 – Rain on and off. Squalls come through or stay overhead. Fish are looked for, but seeing is hard in the rain and darkness. No one gets struck by lightning, but it is a close shave.

6:00 or 7:00 – Get back to Islamorada with the rain breaking, the clouds parting and a decent evening emerging from the darkness.

"So here is where I blew it..."

“So here is where I blew it…”

8:00 PM – 2:00 AM – Talk about fishing and life and how wet we were and how we hope tomorrow is better than today and how we learned some things and wish there were not so many lessons. Drink beer. Maybe have dinner. Maybe not. Get to know and like one another. Look forward to fishing the next day.




  1. Some would call that a rough day. As I head to make sure my office cubicle is still there and verify the content of some PowerPoint slides, that day sounds absolutely perfect to me!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Ernie, that’s what I get to do today too… PowerPoint, Excel, maybe, if I’m lucky, a little wordpress. It WAS absolutely perfect.

  3. 9:00 PM – pull up 16 different weather websites hoping that each of the other forecasts are wrong about more rain, and more wind, for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

  4. That sounds friggin’ heavenly, even with the rain.

  5. Doug Jeffries

    America and its continued economic recovery depends on those Power Point slides and Excel spreadsheets with their hidden function calculations and pivot charts and all that. So I expect all of you to smile and buck up and do a damn fine job of them. Being on the demand side of the recovery supply & demand curve, I think I’ll walk my dog, get a haircut, unpack another box or two, mow the lawn since tomorrow is pick up day, and then pop a barley pop and sit on my deck watching the sun set. Carry on.

  6. bonefishbjorn

    Doug, you move to Bend?

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